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tv   [untitled]    December 30, 2010 8:30am-9:00am EST

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shop day for this hour but you can always find more stories along websites. business.
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much brighter. from stupid. stunts on t.v. don't. you all with breaking news this hour. the sentence for russia's most famous prison. is to spend six more years in prison. fourteen years in total she's already so time for tax evasion. extremism following the recent arrests. on a danish newspaper published cartoons of the prophet mohammed it's the latest in a series of arrests across europe throughout. consumerism
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loosening its grip on americans despite the tough economic times some say their growing addiction to shopping has. to be confronted. now palestinian officials say they will ask the un security council to approve a resolution condemning israeli settlements in the west bank. from a human rights group which believes the world body is struggling to deal with. with me i have the executive director of human watch a human rights group based in switzerland mr miller thank you very much for joining us here on r.t. your group basically the united nations but why does the u.n. even need monitoring he would watch as a non-governmental organization whose mandate is to monitor the united nations
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according to the principles of its charter essentially to hold the un accountable and to measure it by the artistic of its own charter many israelis complain that israel does not get a fair deal or fair hearing by the united nations would you agree it's one of our issues that's important to us is fighting anti-semitism and also the discriminatory treatment of israel the un's obsession with israel doesn't only harm israel it doesn't only harm the peace process but it harms the un as a whole it prevents the u.n. from being effective for human rights victims who never get their day of international attention why is the u.n. to use your words obsessed with israel the u.n. has been strong champion of the p.l.o. since the early one nine hundred seventy s. this was largely a function of the soviet union together with the arab states started a campaign to attack israel and hijack many un bodies so you have an enormous amount of the un's attention is
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a stance simply devoted to helping the palestinians and have the palestinians been helped and the palestinians have not been helped and it was coffee in on himself the secretary general the united nations in his parting speech to the security council said what have all the special agenda items and special reports and special sessions on the palestinian situation ever done to help the palestinians and the reality is very little if you look at the past thirty years all the resolutions and at the un human rights council in june. it's something like seventy five percent of all the resolutions are condemning israel a stance simply helping the palestinians the reality is the only thing they've done for the palestinians is encourage a sense that no matter what happens whatever mistakes they make whatever terrorism they may support the u.n. will always be there to encourage them make them believe that no matter what they will prevail and it's only encouraged the most extreme forces in the palestinian camp it has not helped the moderates so why has the u.n.
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failed to help the palestinians in any meaningful way the u.n. is a large organization and has many agencies that do good work unfortunately a number of them are highly politicized in new york the general assembly is highly politicized the human rights council is the same they're mostly dominated by third world countries from asia and africa many of whom are not democracies and who have their own agendas which have very little to do with human rights for example the dictator of libya murderous regime was elected to the human rights council that's that's a sad joke for the cause of human rights do you sense that the u.n. is in touch with what's going on here on the ground between israelis and palestinians which would you have really are two separate things and it's something that i've been able to see at the human rights council you have the real situation on the ground where you have israelis and palestinians that need help and they could have help of international interlocutors a bit and i did states the european union or other countries or the or the un which
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could come in and help them and try to bring them together bridge their differences you have a real situation with real problems what happens at the u.n. too often is something on a on a level that is almost mythological that is entirely divorced from reality and i saw that once a couple of years ago i was in the june two thousand and seven when hamas was waging a bloody coup against the against the palestinian authority and during that time. it was very nasty hamas was throwing people off of rooftops they were shooting people in hospital beds and all of this was happening israel of course had already withdrawn in the unilateral withdrawal from gaza there were no israeli troops not a single one in gaza had no involvement whatsoever with this conflict and in my earpiece listening what was happening in the u.n. route plenary was they were attacking israel condemning israel for human rights violations so i think this this example captures what happens at the u.n.
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but there are real problems real people suffering but the u.n. is sort of locked into an automatic mode where all they're doing is condemning israel obsessive lee many israelis have called for israel to withdraw from the u.n. would you support such a move and do you think it's realistic it's not that's not a realistic option obviously. theoretically israel could i don't think israel should and i don't think israel wants to and i don't think it's in the interests of israel or of the united nations israel has was its creation was sanctioned by the united nations and them are twenty nine hundred forty seven when the u.n. called for a jewish state and that term is used thirty times it's kind of interesting that the palestinian authority has difficulty accepting that the resolution of the united nations general assembly one hundred forty seven thirty times used the word jewish state why do you say that the u.n. and its investigations are prejudiced against israel what proof do you have the u.n. has the right and the duty to hold israel accountable to its international obligations on a whole range of issues whether it's the palestinian issue whether it's women's rights
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whatever it is just like every other country israel should be held accountable but we have jack too is the political hijacking of u.n. bodies such that they are rendered ineffective to help millions of human rights victims around the world if we take the example again of the human rights council here is a body that has pledged to promote and protect human rights for victims around the world yet the fact that in ten sessions seven of them have been on israel all of them one sided making no reference to hamas terrorism to hezbollah terrorism and only three sessions out of ten for the rest of the world can. mind what it means it's not just absurd and outrageous it means the victims in darfur victims of mass rape in congo victims of. repression in zimbabwe in china around the world never get a chance to have their their day in the international spotlight which is needed to combat victims why is israel still not able to have a rotating seat on the security council whereas countries like libya saudi arabia which have far worst human rights records are israel was never admitted into the
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regional group that it by geography ought to belong namely the asian group its neighbors syria jordan saudi arabia belong to the asian regional group but because of the arab states objection to israel they refuse to let israel join and so israel has never been able to join its regional group asia and the result is that many of the elections for important un bodies occur within the regional groups there sometimes an allotment that will be x. amount of seats for the asian group for the european group for the south american group and so forth so israel was denied access to any significant un bodies because of the system ten years ago there was an important shift israel was admitted into a group which is called a western europe and others the we are a group and includes most countries as well as united states canada new zealand australia and other liberal democracies and in the year two thousand israel was
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admitted in new york and therefore theoretically today israel actually could be potentially a candidate for the security council. however subsequent question arises whether israel would be elected and that's and that's far from clear but despite what you've said at times they are made solutions that are passed that support israel for example the resolution on the commemoration of the holocaust that was overwhelmingly passed with theory it could happen one day that israel would submit . candidacy and it would be elected the security council the reality today is that the islamic states are so. opposed to anything that favors israel even in the most benign way that you would have almost fifty six states determined to oppose israel and many dictatorships at the un automatically opposes for all countries like zimbabwe north korea and so forth vote with the islamic states in their campaign and so even if israel were to submit it's kind of see it's not clear that it would
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be elected do you still support the existence of the un is it still relevant in our world today we believe the un could be something else we believe that the un has an indispensable role in this world there's there's no replacement for the one if un didn't exist we would have to create it. and the when when it started in the early years it was very well respected by all countries. and its its mission was respected by israelis as it was by arabs but in the past several decades it's been taken over by an extreme agenda anyway thank you very much for talking to. thank you my pleasure.
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your. question. it can hit dr swan's policeman swines ministers why not just. if you didn't find me if i could slip through the night that i would get my kids out of here because i knew that what was going to happen was that he was going to kill me many victims don't understand that domestic violence includes verbal abuse psychological abuse physical abuse and sexual abuse at least four million women are affected by abuse every year those are only two options that i thought that. kill him me in jail or he's going to kill it it says.
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photo and glory go international house to change every green little hotel room. breaking news there's. a moscow court has just announced the sentence for russia's most famous prisoner. of oil tycoon convicted of money laundering. six more years in prison with me no jail time of fourteen year total as he's already serving time for fraud and tax evasion from europe swearing of a spread of islamic extremists following the recent arrests for a suspected attack on a danish newspaper office. published. is the latest in a series of arrests.
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despite the tough economic times some say they're growing addiction to shopping. and. the sports. hello and welcome to the sports news and our team here is what's coming up in the next town that's called russia's national football team remain on track to qualify for the twenty twelve european championships sit down with the man in charge of the capital. state of the game russian hockey legend which is locked in talks all things hockey league's archie. found so far so good he calls a bag drill where palps the ply kings the eagles on the road in this vast area starts . russian football could see
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a major change when it comes to managing the man in the middle renowned italian referee roberto could become the next had of officiating for the russian football union forty three are only tied this summer after overseeing matches and that's why it's world cup. series games for thirteen years along with eight years of international duty we have not held a similar position within the ukrainian ask and now the russian the billionaire and seems willing to follow suit by making their top official the taliban is in moscow for talks with seventy four percent and would be officially put to expound during the visit. meanwhile russian for blows on course to make that's why it's well european championships reached with the school's coach dick advocaat who lives back at his first six months in charge. well there we're just six months in rain just just past time you happy with the position of russia national team is now in the
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grip of the euro two thousand championships well we did not expect to lose from home. but getting six points out of the way. so we know the top of the league of support and that gives also called for the know as well from the four going to be played with three away. not an easy start you know it was difficult to begin with because i mean it so in that way there was a lot of pressure after the game against slovakia. but also said all the players are. listen if you play this way. the way we play it will sol were great also in the you get your of rules. and nothing something i've noticed from this russian side is what will steal their games especially big game against macedonia is a game we could have lost and could draw in parts drawn i think about i want to say
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but banshee went to one they showed that mental fight i saw the game i was. the first controlled. despite not everybody was in the best form comparing with. the bit that told the players as well of the game in three days then you have a much more difficult game than yesterday because. if you play you can play there. we have to win and we did and we did. knowing. people will form a very good quality especially the way we would like to play in particular. because most of those it was more a fight infighting which was acquired luck irritating players in their team. effect. again the referee bellotti out of it. thing doesn't
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help. but fortunately we have a great goalkeeper and he saved the ball but at the other end they could score a goal as well i mean how have you been please reason with the form of an enemy english premiership i mean you had a difficult start to the season and it seems now to be getting his form back but most pleasing obviously it's. always a player of moments and he will never change not only in the national team but also . in england but also the people who are so negative about it i don't understand it at all. because we have to be proud to have players brought who are doing so well i mean you touch them it's a nice office he wouldn't want to snooze but you think in a way it might have helped under his development had he left to play abroad a few years earlier or do you think no i think he was twenty when the me for a couple years fell to me look because then the already set in one or two years i want to leave. there because sometimes players
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need to chill and we have also some closing to do without saying names. of a challenge to go to another club brought to show themselves again to bring themselves in the picture. they did it for the same discussion. when i arrived at the prison to play as i wanted to keep the horse. and i'm glad i only wanted to stay for one or two years more straight when i arrive i want to leave i want to leave a solution if you want to leave. because players who doesn't want to play for the club you could go away in a felt so. obvious thing and also good for the national team. it was fantastic and the second half after a summer break i was on the question of been linked with moves to a premiership again in fact. big success.
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i think he did really well for the national team to be. not only the school go but his work it was a. good kind of place control of the world but i think more play for our national team can play a role to the drug names names for instance there is a good take for example so much bizarre. and aside about to take a closer look at the main hawk events of the year they have uncovered a winter olympics along with the world championships the k.h. zero and the n.h.l. archie have found the right man to discuss them all two time olympic champion which is of. wells everybody expected us to reach the finals as we had an extremely strong roster a very ambitious team passionately supported by the fans the fact is we weren't ready for
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a competition that toughens neither were the coaches nor the players some would say was just a bad look but it wasn't in the final of the olympic tournament canada and the usa showed the hockey of the future fast dynamic and extremely skillful in the last a clash against russia the canadians were fully aware who they needed to neutralize in the russian team first. marking. the world's best forwards and they did have what it took to beat us speed skills and fury that's why they won. what is also very sad it looks like we did learn any lessons from vancouver this might have a very negative effect in sochi twenty fourteen many still think the team just had a bad day and lost accidentally but the fact is we kept failing throughout the season later on we lost the world championship final to the czech republic which was represented by a very weak team then in my opinion it's difficult maybe even impossible to combine the two roles here being in charge of
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a club and an olympic team at the same time although that's exactly what the russian national team coaches do. cannot be considered just as a break from doing the main job at a club that's why we got what we got in vancouver. for instance and well in my view was the kontinental hockey league control level with the n.h.l. in about five years in terms of following the right policy and proper development and this will allow the two leagues to forge good connections and maybe even exchange players anyway ok he is growing year by year plans are always curious about interleague clashes i think they can be quite useful for some of the cage all clubs i took part in the so-called super series and those games definitely. helped me develop as a player on the other hand the n.h.l. should be interested too it shouldn't focus on itself too much so i hope soon the stanley cup and garan cup holders will settle scores for the title of the world's best team on a regular basis you can work. their
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splendor i believe that and it seemed it also is the most precious acquisition the league has made in recent years a true captain and the first russian n.h.l. or who made the decision to go back home yet amir jaegers he's just a superstar of world hockey and one of the most skilful players in the league so give fuel to ruth who came to the cage a couple of years ago a great example in terms of his attitude to hockey the great russian player who helped russia regain their dominance of the world championships alexander duel of he's still young but already proved to be a very good score and i like the fact he always gives his all on the ice he's got great passion for the game. on our side and definitely not good for the k h l especially when it comes to young players who are sometimes just scared of playing against say d.t.'s if we choose the n.h.l. model where fighting is part of the game every k.l. team should have their tough guys as tough guys should fight against tough guys but not the rest of the players that's why in the n.h.l.
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fights don't spoil the game and indicate they still do. for our god and canada produced a fantastic performance in vancouver inching along with the chicago blackhawks than the current stanley cup holders today the stanley cup winner should be considered as the undisputed leader of world hockey of the world i'm very happy for my former coach scotty bowman he's won his twelfth stanley cup rings and it's just a record nobody will ever break something like. so agree or not that's the unique take on the world's best ice hockey team there from the legendary hockey defenseman which is love of and moving on no professional playing experience no problem that was the case for an f l ricky joe webb who allowed the vikings to a twenty four fourteen wait over the eagles in his first korea stops the normally elusive michael vick was unable to avoid the vikings schools in this rain delayed game veteran cornerback anton winfield forcing the fumble on take me all the way
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back to tie the game at seven their web page out of vick's electrifying point maker book running the ball in himself up to agree to freeze the d. found. stamper made the score seventeen to seven in the fed's big ass or the. bottom is still lost twenty four fourteen. and it's all the sports news for now for some of these stories and more you can visit our r.t.e. sport news channel on you tube and coming up next the world weather update.


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